UV sterilization has been proven as the most important water disinfection process. Bacteria, viruses, yeast and parasites (e.g. cryptosporidium & giardia) are effectively inactivated by using UV light. There is no development of resistance in UV sterilization as is increasingly experienced in treatments using antibiotics and chlorination. Also, unlike chemical disinfection, there are no resultant dangerous by products (DBP).
  • Safe disinfection through bio-dosimetrically certified systems
  • No harmful by-products (such as THMs in chlorinating)
  • Exceptionally low operating costs through uniquely efficient electricity flow and electronic units of the newest generation
  • Excellent EMC protection, exceeds valid industry and household standards
  • Ongoing self-monitoring of UV intensity, reactor temeratures and water flow combined with a high performance memory and analysis system
  • Extremely low loss of pressure
  • Variable installation positions for easy integration into existing pipeline systems
UV system operation is optimum when the following two conditions are satisfied:
1. The intensity of the UV rays is properly selected.
2. The exposure time is achieved.
The maximum absorption of UV light by the nucleic acid which causes non-reparable damage to it occurs at wavelength 260 nm. Therefore germicidal lamps are designed to emit UV rays at 254 nm, operating at a very close point to the optimum wavelength.
UV system with high UV intensity is safe for:
  • Drinking Water
  • Waste Water
  • Ultra Pure Water
  • Agriculture
  • Fish Tanks/Ponds
  • Fisheries
ECO UV sterilization system offers a wide range of standard UV stations which cover wide range for single flat, villa and residential/commercial towers. We also offer custom design UV station to meet high flow rate: