Galvanized steel components have been successfully used in civil engineering structures for over 100 years. The first applications such of constructions took place in North America and Russia in 1896, where the idea of using them in road and rail construction was born. Today, buried corrugated steel structures are widely used in construction around the world.

Soil steel interaction allows flexible steel structures to act in conjunction with the surrounding soil fill to support the loads. The structures are economical, easy and quick to build. The average installation time with a small crew is only a few days.

ECO is the local representative of ViaCon Group in the GCC market and together we have successfully built in UAE the Largest Corrugated Steel Structure Span in the World, registered in Guinness World Records here.

ECO and ViaCon are seeking to assist Clients, Consultants and Contractors with this innovative, cost and time efficient technology to always improve the infrastructure sustainability.