• Vision

    Having a visible part of the region's development'

  • Mission

    Committed to excellence, credibility and growth, ECO is the ideal partner in resolving your sophisticated challenges

  • Our Team

    Built up from various strands of expertise, our highly qualified team is capable of defining and exceeding client's requirements beyond expectations. Enhancing communication, cooperation and achievements, our team is continuously developing their skills and knowledge to achieve job satisfaction


Established in 1997, our aim is to provide comprehensive supply solutions to the construction industry. Representing leading manufacturers from Europe and US made us capable of achieving highest standards using latest innovative technologies expanding our scope to even turnkey solution


Strategically located in UAE with affiliate offices providing local support, we cover the territories of GCC countries and Iraq.

26 Years of experience 206 Satisfied Clients 37Engineered Solutions 7 Territories

Worldwide Recognition Partners


Eco provides you with custom made solutions developed from certified manufacturers with worldwide recognition. The quality of our products is constantly improved through years of experience and thanks to major investment in R & D

We provide engineered solutions for structural protection. Traffic, wind, temperature and seismic-induced movements of buildings, bridges and complex structures can be controlled through selective use of structural bearings, expansion joints, tuned mass dampers and seismic devices to protect the structures from damage.
We provide complete solutions to all water treatment needs and the ever expanding needs in our line of work. Our vast experience combined with the technical support and back up of all our principals has time and again repeated our commitment to answering industrial, commercial and domestic water treatment needs.

Our Expertise

  • Assessment

    Assessing the full picture of your project requirements from design and construction to operation, maintenance and upgrade when applicable

  • Design & Engineering

    Most of our solutions are custom-made based on specific requirements, process and objectives. All things considered we provide an optimised design technically supported

  • Manufacturing

    Innovative technologies developed to improve cost of ownership, process efficiency and sustainability by our world leading partners in the field.

  • Supply

    Supported by large manufacturing capacities & local logistic department, we ensure timely and efficient supply chain solutions

  • Site Supervision

    Our highly trained and certified engineer will ensure the installation is done accurately and in due respect of our safety and environmental guidelines.

Our Projects

Taking part in the prestigious projects in the region, our finger prints are visible in:

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